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Home Safe for Children

Ensuring the safety of your kids is one of your main priorities. And where else is it better to start than in your home. Naturally, as a family we spend large amounts of time in our place and it is very important that you keep the home safe not only beautiful and fun for your toddlers or babies.

Tips on how to make your home safe for your little ones:

  • Family friendly floor plans –you should start thinking about the safety of the kids the moment you start buying a house. It is advisable to have family friendly floor plans. It would be great to have the kids’ room close to your room so you hear when they call you or when something is happening to them. As much as possible keep them away from the stairs so it is best to strategically locate their rooms far from the stairs. Open plan designs often favor young families, minimizing the separation between Mum and Dad and the children.
  • home safeInstall safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs – speaking of stairs, it is advisable that you install safety gates at the top and at the bottom of the stairs to keep your children away from them. Most accidents at home happen on the stairs. Children are very playful and they run around the house a lot so installing safety gates will prevent such accidents.

  • Keep furniture close to the wall – babies start pulling and shoving anything they get their hands on and then there are toddlers who like to climb anywhere in the house. Big furniture like dressers, book shelves, television racks and others can be very dangerous. It is advisable to push everything close to the wall as much as possible.
  • Cover electric sockets – prevent your kids from being electrocuted by always making sure to put cover in all electric sockets in the house. Better yet, be sure to hide electric sockets and plugs so that your kids won’t see it and play with it.
  • Keep your garden gate closed all the time – another common causes of accidents at home is an opened gate or even a front door. Children like to run and play with each other and if the gate is open then they will try to run outside and that’s where the danger arises. What if they wander around the street and are struck by a fast car? You cannot watch them 24/7 since you also have to do other chores. So it is best to make sure that the main gate is always closed and that children cannot open it on their own. This will keep them inside the house which is the safest place for them.
  • Always keep a first aid kit in the house – accidents happen even if you think you already did your best to make your home safe. Therefore, it would be a great practice to keep a first aid kit in your house. This way, you can immediately attend to any injuries or sickness in your household.


Along with all these home safety tips that we discussed, it is of course important to keep reminding your kids about the things that they should and shouldn’t do in the house. It would also help if you will explain to them the repercussions or the possible outcomes of doing things that you told them not to do. Kids these days are very bright so try talk to them and for sure, they’ll understand.