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Kelowna Resort Homes a great option | La Casa sales are picking up

Kelowna Resort Homes a great option

There is a subdivision of Kelowna Resort Homes located on The West shore of Okanagan Lake. La Casa Lakeside Cottage Resort is comprised of a small village of colourful cottages, 2100 feet of lakefront with sandy beaches, restaurant dining, swimming pools, boating and an activity park with tennis, playground and volleyball. It has become a popular family vacation destination set amidst incredible scenery and with a relaxed vibe. And 2016 has seen a rapid increase in cottage and lot sales in step with the growth of the Okanagan Real Estate market.

Sales for Kelowna Resort Homes at La Casa are up 77% Year to date over last year.  Five of these sales were cottages ranging from $380,000-$397,000.  Kelowna Resort Home and Cottage prices have still not recovered to where they were in 2007, but the choice lake view homes are rebounding fast. There is quite a variety of designs and locations on offer which greatly influence the saleability of a property. Obviously an unobstructed lake view is most desirable. Some prefer to be close to the lake, others prefer to be close to the village centre and the pool. There is also a pool on the upper loop which is a quieter location with less traffic. Floor plans also vary with some having basements, some with lofts and a varying number of bedrooms. Buyers may be thinking of their own family vacation needs or perhaps they are thinking more of how rentable their investment is going to be. Obviously there are many factors that contribute to purchase decisions at La Casa.

kelowna resort homesIn terms of customs Kelowna Resort Homes, many builders have taken advantage of the affordable lot sales that have been available over the past few years and are building cottages to sell this year and forecast a tidy profit. However, with so many new cottages being built, the competition is still strong. Owners with lots for sale that can find the “end user” buyer that is not looking for a flip and lift will benefit more than those that are less patient and sell to builders.

With 22 listed lots still available there are few remaining with nice lake views for less than $100,000.  Lots that can accommodate the largest cottage plans, are becoming the most sought after and multiple offers are taking place. 21 cottages are currently listed so those with the least redeeming qualities will still have to compete on price to sell.

However the good news is that sales are obviously on the rise and each buyer with their unique needs should be able to find the answer to their Kelowna Resort Homes vacation dreams if they take a look at La Casa.